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    Former Worldwide Church of God preacher says Jesus Christ is returning on May 27, 2012 and that today marks the end of time and beginning of “half time”



    Ronald Weinland, who considers himself a prophet of God, continues to warn that Jesus Christ is returning on May 27, 2012.

    For those who do not believe him and mock his message, Weinland claims thatthey will die from cancer.

    His website, Church of God – PKG, claims that various end times events were triggered by the scattering of the Worldwide Church of God after the death of its founder, Herbert W. Armstrong.  With Armstrong no longer at the helm, Weinland claims he “is the pastor of God’s Church on earth, has also been appointed by the God of Abraham to be His end-time prophet and one of the two end-time witnesses (and spokesman of both), preceding the return of Jesus Christ on May 27, 2012.”

    Under Armstrong, the Worldwide Church of God rejected the Christian notion of a trinity and followed Old Testament holy days and strict tithing rules that left people destitute.  Armstrong and his followers believed that Jesus Christ would return to earth in 1975.  It was considered by some to be a cult.

    After Armstrong’s death in 1986, the church began to change much of its theology.  By April 2009, the Worldwide Church of God announced the official change of its name to Grace Communion International.  These changes were deemed heretical by people like Weinland, who formed various splinter churches that believe that they remain true to Armstrong’s teachings.

    Even after the public ridicule of Harold Camping and his failed May 21, 2011 end times prophecy, Weinland has not backed down from his May 27 date.

    The latest is that the earth is now in a “biblical half time” that begins today, January 8, 2012. According to his blog,

    January 7, 2012, is another important occurrence for the timing of God’s work and end-time events. This date is an important crossroad in time as it ends a prophetically historic portion of time in Daniel that consists of a prophetic measure of “time” and “times” that began after Trumpets of 2009. January 8 of this year begins the final “half-a-time” of this full prophetic period known as “time, times, and half-a-time.” That day is the start of the final period of 140 days (half-a-time) that leads up to the very coming of the Messiah spoken of in those same prophecies of Daniel.

    Weinland is also predicting that “the United States will collapse” and that there will be a nuclear war before May 27 this year. “The truth is ridiculed, ignored, slandered and mocked,” he warns.


    Oh dear lord, we’ve got another one. 

    As I’m sure we all know, when Jesus fails to turn up on May 25th, there will be the usual run of excuses and explanations and goal-post moving. 

    I really wish these people would get it into their heads that Jesus - if he ever existed - is dead and staying dead. 





    Am I the anti-Christ? My Exes always suspected.

    Oh wait, it’s May, not March. Fuck.

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    [TW: Domestic Violence] ‘I’ve got a surprise for you’: Husband blindfolds his wife…. and then chops off her fingers to stop her studying for a degree





    A jealous husband is facing life in prison after chopping off his wife’s fingers because she began studying for a degree without his permission.

    Rafiqul Islam, 30, blindfolded his wife Hawa Akhter, 21, and taped her mouth, telling her he was going to give her a surprise present.

    Instead he made her hold out her hand and cut off all five fingers. One of his relatives then threw Ms Akhter’s fingers in the dustbin to ensure doctors could not reattach them.

    Mr Islam, who is a migrant worker in the United Arab Emirates, had warned his wife there would ‘severe consequences’ if she did not give up her studies.

    ‘After he came back to Bangladesh, he wanted to have a discussion with me,’ Ms Akhter told The Times.

    ‘Suddenly, he blindfolded me and tied my hand. He also taped my mouth saying that he would give me some surprise gifts. But, instead he cut off my fingers.’

    Mohammed Saluddin, the Bangladesh police chief said that Mr Islam had confessed after he was arrested in the capital, Dhaka, and will face charges of permanent disfiguration.

    Human rights groups are demanding life imprisonment.

    ‘He was enraged. He was jealous because while he only had a grade eight standard education, she was off to college to pursue higher studies,’ said Mr Saluddin.

    Ms Akhter says she is learning to write with her left hand and is determined to resume her studies. She is now back at her parent’s house.

    The attack is the latest in a series of acts targeting educated women in the Muslim-majority company.

    In June, an unemployed man gouged out the eyes of his wife, an assistant professor at Dhaka University, apparently because he could not stand her pursuing higher studies at a Canadian University.

    Daily Mail

    A lovely bit of religious news to get all up in our atheist holiday celebrations and bring us crashing back to earth with the realisation that this shit still fucking goes on.


    This is terrible.. poor woman. But I also really don’t like what this is tagged with.


    Stop making it seem like it is.

    Christians shoot up abortion doctors. Not actually part of Christianity. But the religious CULTURE they grow up in says it is. The religious culture this man grew up in probably said “suppress women”. Is that part of mainstream Islam or just his culture? Probably just his culture. Does that mean Islam as a whole should get no blame? Well I still blame Christianity as an institution for shooting abortion doctors so I’m going to have to blame Islam as an idea for fostering a culture in which this is okay. 

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    Biology Test Omits Creationism; Kentucky Educator Complains



    The whole Darwin thing can still be a tad controversial in Kentucky, a state that hosts a high-tech, Bible-centered, natural-history-style museum that asserts that the Earth is roughly 6,000 years old.

    In Hart County, about an hour and 20 minutes south of Louisville, the local school superintendent is now expressing his frustration that a new state biology test is, in his opinion, treating evolution as a fact, rather than a theory.

    He also charges that the test is omitting the “creation story” that cites God as the originator of the universe.

    The Lexington Herald-Leader’s Jim Warren reported Tuesday that Superintendent Ricky D. Line raised the objections in emails and letters to the state education commissioner and education board.

    “I have a very difficult time believing that we have come to a point … that we are teaching evolution … as a factual occurrence, while totally omitting the creation story by a God who is bigger than all of us,” he wrote, according to the newspaper. “My feeling is if the Commonwealth’s site-based councils, school board members, superintendents and parents were questioned … one would find this teaching contradictory to the majority’s belief systems.”

    He may not be too far off-base with that last bit. Supporters of teaching evolution agree that many Americans have a hard time getting their heads around what Charles Darwin called his “dangerous idea.”

    “Overall, the nation has a big problem,” Dr. Brian Alters, a professor and author of the book “Evolution in the Classroom,” said in a National Institutes of Health newsletter in 2006. “Approximately half of the U.S. population thinks evolution does (or did) not occur. While 99.9% of scientists accept evolution, 40% to 50% of college students do not accept evolution and believe it to be ‘just’ a theory.”

    The superintendent remained defiantly skeptical in the face of scientific consensus, noting that it was “interesting that the great majority of scientists felt Pluto was a planet until a short time ago, and now they have totally changed that.”

    Are you serious???  Stupid arguments like this make me so……

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