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    13 Characteristics of a Date Rapist: A List You Need to Share →

    Although there is no profile of a typical date or acquaintance rapist, experts have identified behavioral characteristics that tend to be exhibited by date and acquaintance rapists.

    1. Displays anger or aggression, either physically or verbally (The anger need not be directed toward you, but may be displayed during conversations by general negative references to women, vulgarity, curtness toward others, and the like. Women are often viewed as adversaries.)

    2. Displays a short temper; slaps and/or twists arms

    3. Acts excessively jealous and/or possessive (Be especially suspicious of this behavior if you have recently met the person or are on a first or second date.)

    4. Ignores your space boundaries by coming too close or placing his hand on your thigh, etc. (Be particularly cognizant of this behavior when it is displayed in public.)

    5. Ignores your wishes

    6. Attempts to make you feel guilty or accuses you of being uptight

    7. Becomes hostile and/or increasingly more aggressive when you say no

    8.  Acts particularly friendly at a party or bar and tries to separate you from your friends

    9. Insists on being alone with you on a first date

    10. Demands your attention or compliance at inappropriate times, such as during class

    11. Acts immaturely; shows little empathy or feeling for others and displays little social conscience

    12. Asks personal questions and is interested in knowing more about you than you want to tell him

    13. Subscribes excessively to traditional male and female stereotypes

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    If you victim blame someone who has been raped, I will believe you have the mentality of a rapist. And that will make me extremely wary of you and probably never talk to you again.

    Men Who Blame Victim for Sexual Harassment Are Often Harassers

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    Huge trigger warning: Rape of handicapped woman. Connecticut Supreme Court said severely handicapped woman didn't fight back enough, set aside her rapist's conviction. →

    The stateSupreme CourtMonday threw out the conviction of a city man found guilty of sexually assaulting a severely handicapped woman.

    In a 4-3 decision, the high court ruled that despite evidence the 26-year-old woman cannot speak and has little body movement, there was no evidence she could not communicate her refusal to have sex with the defendant,Richard FourtinJr. As a result of the ruling, Fourtin goes free and cannot be tried for the case again.

    Fourtin’s lawyer, Senior AssistantPublic Defender Nicole Donzello, declined comment on the decision.

    In January 2008, the 28-year-old Fourtin was convicted by a jury here of attempted second-degree and fourth-degree sexual assault and sentenced to six years in prison for sexually assaulting the severely handicapped woman in the Success Village housing complex in late 2005.

    The woman, now 29, who in court only went by her initials, L.K., has severe cerebral palsy and cannot verbally communicate. She is so physically restricted that she is able to make motions only with her right index finger.

    In order for the woman to testify during the trial, a small video camera was placed over her and a tray affixed to her chair. On the tray, the prosecutor placed a board printed with the letters of the alphabet along with the words “yes” and “no” on top.

    After each question, the woman’s left hand would push her right hand, index finger sticking out, across the board to either spell out a word or answer yes or no. It was an exhausting process that lasted four days.

    However, the defense argued that there was evidence the woman could communicate by biting, kicking, screaming and gesturing. They presented testimony at trial from a home health aide who said the woman would kick and groan if she didn’t get food she wanted.

    The stateAppellate Courtlater ruled she is not physically helpless under the state law in which a jury convicted Fourtin. The state then took an appeal to the Supreme Court.

    "We are not persuaded that the victim was either unconscious or so uncommunicative that she was physically incapable of manifesting to the defendant her lack of consent to sexual intercourse at the time of the alleged sexual assault," the high court ruled Monday.

    The three dissenting justices accused the majority of acting as a “13th juror,” in the case and substituting their opinion for that of the jury.

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    Rape vs Marijuana Prison Sentences →

    Marijuana laws in Canada and USA  institute punishments that equal, and in many cases exceed, the punishments for rape and other violent crimes.

    It is clear that governments feel marijuana is at equally detrimental  to society as rape.  I don’t think I need to explain how horrible the aftermath of rape is on the victim and their family.  What about the negative consequences of marijuana?  There are essentially no negative consequences of marijuana use other than those imposed by prohibition.

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    TW: Rape


    Don’t rape anyone, because the person you dehumanized might just go and tell someone and get you in trouble!!

    What a bitch, right? You just can’t trust the wimminz to keep quiet about violent crime anymore!!

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    "I am bringing up these examples as a warning to men; most especially to college men. “To rape or not to rape?” Ask yourself if 15 minutes of pleasure is worth expulsion from school or 25 years in jail. Personally, I would not take the risk, no matter how slight it may seem. No woman is worth decades in jail. No orgasm is worth my life being destroyed."

     - “To Rape or Not to Rape,” from

    Is this a piece of good advice on why to not rape women? Is this a Men’s Right’s Activist telling other men that having sex with an inebriated woman is a bad idea for both parties? Is a Men’s Right’s Activist helping fight rape culture?!

    Let’s look to the next few lines:

    “That atmosphere invites trouble.  It is rife for manipulation and entrapment.  An upscale bar may give free or low priced drinks to ladies and advertise for men to come and enjoy the company of the self-inebriated.  At any of these ladies nights, there could lurk an opportunist willing to be picked up in order to blackmail a well-intentioned male with a rape charge if he doesn’t make her financially happy.”

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    Because really

    It’s totes more important to advise men on the dangers of RAPE ACCUSATION versus you know

    not raping.

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    I find the first part of this quote to be particularly disturbing on it’s own. This guy is saying don’t rape because then you’ll go to jail and your life will be destroyed and no woman is worth that! He doesn’t give a shit that he’s talking about fucking RAPING someone. “Personally, I would not take the risk.” That part makes me fucking shudder.

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    ^This. The first part is just as, if not more disgusting. 

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    "Oh, you got raped? Well, that sucks. Are you sure you didn’t ask for it? What’s that, you’re pregnant cause of it? Well, you shouldn’t have had sex! No, you can’t abort the baby. That’s wrong. Congrats you gave birth to a kid! Wait, you don’t have the money to provide for it? Well why did you have a kid? You want us to help? You lazy bum, get a job. Oh, you have one but they didn’t give you maternal leave so you had to quit? Well good, why should you get maternal leave anyway? Don’t act so entitled. Know how you can deal with this? Get married. I suggest your rapist."
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    tw: rape/sexual assault


    so my school sends out “alerts” when people report sexual assaults/rapes on campus or when they happen to students. today we got a particularly frightening one (to me, since i live on campus and the woman was abducted while entering her apartment). she was taken and put in the backseat of a car and raped while one guy drove around, and then they switched places and the other guy drove while the original driver raped her. and on st patrick’s day, a girl was assaulted by 4 men while walking home. and it’s just like, fuck, enough is enough. i’m sick of getting one of these emails every two weeks. instead of sending us an email telling us to walk in pairs, do something about it. fuck you bgsu. fuck you bg. fuck you rapists.dead people don’t rape.

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    Anyone interested in helping with a new project for suvivors?


    hiphopcheerleader is creating a tumblr for women of color who are sexual violence survivors. This blog will be a safe space for WOC to share your stories and get resources and support, and just generally provide a shared community. hiphopcheerleader is looking for people who would be interesting in discussing ideas, contributing to the blog, and/or possibly acting as co-admin. If anyone is interested in helping, please feel free to contact her!

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    (TW: rape, rape culture)


    American Indians make up 34.1% of all rapes against women. American Indians make up less than 1% of the U.S. population.

    What’s wrong here?

    One in 3 Native American women will be raped in her lifetime. 86% of these crimes will be committed by non-Natives, the majority of which being white men.

    I bring this up whenever someone thinks the sexualizing of Native women is okay.

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    Reasons to Continue Blogging And Hating Hugo Schwyzer


    He is a rapist. And when men “accidentally” rape women he says that the survivor is partly to blame for not making it clear enough when she wasn’t consenting. 

    He tried to murder his ex-girlfriend. 

    He thinks it’s dangerous to be a feminist all the time, comparing it to being in a cold body of water.

    He’s a racist

    He fetishizes lesbians.

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