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Sup, playa?   Proud member of the Trifecta (Liberal, Feminist, Socialist.) Hedonist. Anti-theist. I enjoy wanton harlotry and inappropriate jokes.

    "He [Rick Santorum] is a staunch opponent of abortion, even in the case of rape. Even in the case of rape, telling CNN recently that a woman, in that case, should, and I quote, ‘make the best out of a bad situation, and accept the gift from God.’ Wow. I think women should say the same thing to Santorum, Andy, after from now until the end of his weaselly life, they see him in the street and kick him in the fucking balls. ‘Please accept this gift from God, Rick, this pointed-shoed gift to your plums. Why are you rolling around on the ground crying, Rick? Please make the best out of this bad situation. In fact, rejoice, because I believe another lady is coming over to gift you with another high-velocity nut shot. Praise be, Rick! God is graciously raining gifts into your groinal area, you fucking douche.’"

    John Oliver on Rick Santorum, The Bugle 183 (via sixpencesoulcake)


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    "The abortionist molests white women!"

    One of the anti-choicer’s this morning. The doctor is black.

    Why am I not surprised?

    They were REALLY obnoxious today. I made an obscene gesture at a really old lady and she said, “That’s Satanic! That’s very Satanic!” I could not stop laughing.

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    Well that is disgusting.

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