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    A Letter to Women:
    By Brendan Rhatican

    Dear women,

    You may respond by saying that men cannot speak on women’s clothing, but I assure you that it has become as much an issue for me as it is for you. I’m asking that you wear more clothes. It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to look at you as a woman. I want to tell you that the less you wear, the more of an object you become, and the more conservatively you dress, the more of a woman you are. You may reply: “What, then, are you asking for? Do you want me to veil myself as the ancients did? Can I not be presentable? Do you want me to just stay inside?”

    There are still men who cherish a chaste woman before a “presentable” woman, a virgin before a diva and a commitment before instant gratification. A woman used to be honored for her virginity; now she hates herself for it. A woman’s chastity used to be her attractiveness, her security, her character and her virginity, her beauty. You ask why men are no longer chivalrous. When was the last time your actions demanded chivalry? You ask why you are treated like an object. Why wouldn’t you be objectified?

    It is increasingly difficult for me to look at you without disrespecting you with my eyes. What else do you want me to think of when you wear skin-tight clothing? You have stripped yourself of everything that made you beautiful. You have offered yourself to many men and wonder why I do not treat you like the only woman in the world. You chose the “bad boy” and wonder why you never have any “luck” with real men. You make men into animals and ask why they cannot tame their appetite. You feel empowered when you live with no strings attached and ask why you are so lonely.

    I want to look at you and not at your body. I want to talk to you without having to play a flirting game. I want to make marriage the ends of our relationship and not a future contingency. I want to desire you for your virtue, not your body. I want to love your character, not your mask. There are still some real men. You do not see them because your actions do not demand them.

    Can you sacrifice fashion in order for me to treat you like a real woman?

    My answer to his question in short:

    Also, maybe you can see a therapist to help you with your lack of self control and nice guy syndrome. You gargantuan douchenozzle and contributor to rape culture.

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      -.- FUCK YOU
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      This Brendan guy was in 2 of my classes last semester. Never pegged him for a giant fucking douche and sexist. I since...
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      There are no words. Well, there are a lot of words, but I’m having trouble articulating them right now out of shock.
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      First i’d like to point out that OP is being very exclusive to the different kinds of women. Women come in all different...
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      wow. 1. Thank god I don’t give a shit about wheither “real men”, as you call it, find me worthy or not. 2. Fuck you and...
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      Is it weird that I read all of this in the voice/tone of voice of Jigsaw? Especially the “Can you sacrifice fashion in...
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      This guys is kind of a disgrace to his gender, basically saying that men cant control themselves so we should change how...
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      Plus this just makes men look terrible. I mean really. Men are not incapable of controlling themselves. They are capable...
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      Why the fuck do women have to sacrifice to be considered women and thus, human? Guys can walk around however the fuck...
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      Dear Brendan Rhatican,
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