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    I’m watching my country callously murder a human being.

    I sat here all night with hope, knowing that Troy Davis would get a the stay of execution. Reasonable doubt was abundant! So many of people of importance were speaking out! Millions were signing petitions and calling and protesting! And then he’d eventually be freed! And he’d get deserved money from the state and they’d make a movie and eventually Davis would die of old age surrounded by his family. I just knew it.

    But no. Injustice, racism, torture and murder was all I got, with indifference from our public servants. This is the bloodthirsty country I live in.

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      I know I’m reblogging everything late, but THIS
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      Way to go, America
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      This perfectly sums up my feelings. I didn’t think that there was any way that they could continue with the execution...
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    8. kaylaconspiracy said: I know exactly what you mean. I felt that there wasn’t a chance in hell that they wouldn’t give him a stay. This country showed its true colors and let its citizens down.
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      I have never felt this kind of disappointment. Never.
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